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Once Upon A Piece of Trash

He Introduced Himself Without an Introduction In that moment.  Close to eight and a half years ago, my Patrick met my daddy. My dad’s second funeral was held in Greenwood, Ms.  The first one was in Memphis, Tn which I have spoken about before.  Unsure if I ever mentioned the Koreans that flew in for […]

A Handful of Fleeing Angels

And a Memory That Defines Me Recently my aunt sent me a link to a show she watches, “This Old House” and asked me if I knew this home which is trying to be saved in Greenwood, Mississippi.  The link informed me that it was on Riverside Drive.  I’m sure my aunt was expecting only […]

A Bag of Spam

And a raccoon named Andrew A little over a week ago I went to go get my nails done.  Ct opened the door to many new experiences: on line dating, yoga, shoveling snow and…OPI color gels.  The process is a tad long but for two to three weeks, one can have beautiful shiny nails that […]

Bridging the Gap

From my present to my past A few hours were spent in the state of Louisiana and then soon enough I was crossing the Mississippi River to arrive on the other side.  That bridge spit me out into the state of old memories.  Where football pep rallies were organized, where drunken debacles were achieved at […]