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Purple Turtles

Letting Go the Ego There are patterns in our lives that we continue to attract.  It can either be choices we make or people that continue to show up in different areas and different times but they always are a reflection of what we haven’t yet decided to let go. Why do we hold on […]

Those Who Can, Teach. Those Who Can’t, Don’t Teach.

Mixing it up It occurred to me close to six weeks ago, like an instant flash, it was time for me to start teaching yoga.  Truly, a voice inside (and I don’t really think it was mine) strongly stated: “It’s time for you to teach. Make it happen.”  And I knew that this time it […]

Boxes Can Only Hold So Much

More Bubble Wrap for the Once Fragile Oh,  how I adore this corner apartment with its rich character detail.   The high 20 ft ceilings, hardwood floors and skylights that had me gasping when I first came to see it three years ago.  I quickly found out through the landlord’s daughter that I was the […]


but everything we do is related She is not my sister.  However, my dad once said that she looks a lot like his other daughter outside of me.  I haven’t seen her in person in over three years.  However, this hasn’t ever stopped our communication. We do not text unless she’s sending me a picture […]

Of Course, We Got Here

It Has Just Been So Damn Easy Yes, I asked the boy out after stalking him in a very timid and innocent way.  And yes, he said that he would meet me for drinks on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of 2012.  Oh…and we met at 12 South Taproom on a whim. He […]

Stripping Away the Norm

And This May be a Tad Revealing… Strip? Revealing? And…what?  What could be the third word?  Exotic dancer?  Nope.  W-A-X.  But I’m sure these two often go hand in hand…but for me…only the wax.  (feathers make me sneeze and my feet hurt after 10 minutes of wearing high heals not to mention, not really my […]

Reunited With My Big wheel

And a Bear Named Honey. Our trip to Memphis also fell into the timing of my mom packing for her move to PA to live closer to my sister and her family.  The attic had been recently released to the floor of the garage where boxes of items filled with once adored childhood accouterment.  Either […]

Add New Post

Ok…now? Within the Admin section of this WordPress blog land there lies a section called Posts.  There is then a subcategory titled, “Add New”.  Hmmmm, so demanding.  But then again how supportive, ya know?  My Admin Editor believes in my ability to add something new because life is always bringing in new. We often transfix […]

Running Off Stage

To Another Light Source Parvati and I had an interesting afternoon as we intensely caught up on each other’s lives between the three sets of very compelling interpretive dance at the Nashville Ballet.  Even though our lives intersect only so often, we never fall into the disconnect.  We share such adoration for the other, that […]

It Was Time, I Needed The Intervention

My Mask Was Losing it’s Elastic Hello, my name is Sarah Durden and I write this blog. I’ve written this sucker for almost three years now and I was doing everything I could to keep my privacy intact.  However, as Melissa pointed out that my twitter account had my name on it…doubtless durden…it wasn’t a […]