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Chin Chin!

Out in the great wide yonder We hadn’t driven up into Melissa and Pank’s driveway in over a year.  We knew to look for the weeping willow tree that grew tall and unruly in order to find her house in the dark.  It had been a long lovely day already but my energy was ready […]

Same Message, Different Daughter

The Words That Stand Still Two days ago, I was on the phone with Kerry.  She was telling me about how her lovely little family have sunday morning meetings each week and no one can talk unless they are in possession of the “talking-stick”.  Her little boy is usually the first one who grabs hold […]

Equilibrium on Hiatus

And Wind Sock Blew Away Too hi there.  (a tiny wave from a disappointed hand appears behind a cracked door).  And then I come out from hiding. Okay, even though it’s only been three days that I haven’t written and I’m derailed off my course doesn’t mean I shouldn’t pick up and begin again.  However, […]

My Own Pointing Scarecrow

Hopefully, We All Have Them How people meet or how introduced has always peeked my interest.  I often ask how married couples first encountered the other…what was that moment that lead their two bubbles bouncing off the other?  Maybe there are no coincidences?  There is something to trusting that exploration. And friendships are fascinating as […]

Teetering Toes

Where I am now After Winston’s class at Steadfast and True on Friday, I got a few pointers on my head stand.  He said that I needed to stop practicing so close to the wall.  Melissa also suggested to tighten in my elbows on the floor so that my center of gravity could be more […]

So, Apropos

Love Is In The Air Happy Valentine’s Day!  No matter where I am in life, this has always been my favorite holiday. Yes, yes, yes, I’ve heard all the fuss that it’s such a propaganda.  Yessssss…love should not have one days where it reigns as a king.  And I knoooowwww, one day shouldn’t force people […]

Tater Tots on the Side

Goodness Front and Center For the past four months, I worked my personal dream job.  I was surrounded by strong women (and one fantastic male), I was educating people, it was a nurturing environment, and it promoted health not to mention my yoga practice blossomed due to the handful of free classes I could receive […]

Hold On, That Old Ground is Shifting Again

Or let go Neither one will keep you stable.  Actually, I think that non attachment try may be the best solution. Regrouping.  Bleh…wasn’t ready to have you over for coffee for a visit when I feel like you never seem to leave. Christians have that saying…what is it…the cross that you bear?  That doesn’t relate […]

Taggin’ Along

Now, I just need some overalls Being there to see someone coming into their own is such a gift in timing.  So many attributes need to occur for the all the different angles to fall into their corners.  Orrrrrrr….your dear friend, Melissa just decides to call you the night before asking if you have some […]

Painting in a Very Different Shade of Red

And I held the Brush… I never thought anything would surpass my personal story of driving off with a gas hose still attached to my car in broad daylight and a slew of the most unfortunate but colorful characters of Alabama insisting my return of their gas station’s property.  I remembering crying and laughing while […]