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Chin Chin!

Out in the great wide yonder We hadn’t driven up into Melissa and Pank’s driveway in over a year.  We knew to look for the weeping willow tree that grew tall and unruly in order to find her house in the dark.  It had been a long lovely day already but my energy was ready […]

That Time I Went To Landmark

And it was far from a beacon Because I didn’t attend the last night where they suggest you to bring friends and family so to reveal your new butterfly wings, I’m technically not a graduate of Landmark.  When they told our group of 100 plus this and indicating it as an upsetting fact, I attached […]

The Pig Who Sang To The Moon A Long Time Ago

But I kept hearing it So, it’s been four months since I’ve become vegetarian.  Wait, actually, I’m Pescatarian.  I wish I could remember exactly when the trumpets sounded louder and I came to terms with what I had been silencing for years.  It was something I had always put off.  It was something I wanted […]

Animatronic Hippos

And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night When we first moved here, I got a call from Ruben in Los Angeles.  He told me that he and Bridgette and little son, Gus would be coming to Disney World and asked if we could meet for a day.  Thrilled to have Patrick be introduced […]

Once Upon A Piece of Trash

He Introduced Himself Without an Introduction In that moment.  Close to eight and a half years ago, my Patrick met my daddy. My dad’s second funeral was held in Greenwood, Ms.  The first one was in Memphis, Tn which I have spoken about before.  Unsure if I ever mentioned the Koreans that flew in for […]

Ahhhhhh, yes, I am an Urchin

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Some might consider the act of being completely silent for a week would be miserable.  Some might even proclaim, “That’s a choice that an individual   would actually make??”  But do you know, that I have always dreamt of going to a silent retreat?  This perfect place would preferably be surrounded by rich deciduous […]