Chin Chin!

Out in the great wide yonder We hadn’t driven up into Melissa and Pank’s driveway in over a year.  We knew to look for the weeping willow tree that grew tall and unruly in order to find her house in the dark.  It had been a long lovely day already but my energy was ready […]

Purple Turtles

Letting Go the Ego There are patterns in our lives that we continue to attract.  It can either be choices we make or people that continue to show up in different areas and different times but they always are a reflection of what we haven’t yet decided to let go. Why do we hold on […]

That Time I Went To Landmark

And it was far from a beacon Because I didn’t attend the last night where they suggest you to bring friends and family so to reveal your new butterfly wings, I’m technically not a graduate of Landmark.  When they told our group of 100 plus this and indicating it as an upsetting fact, I attached […]

The Pig Who Sang To The Moon A Long Time Ago

But I kept hearing it So, it’s been four months since I’ve become vegetarian.  Wait, actually, I’m Pescatarian.  I wish I could remember exactly when the trumpets sounded louder and I came to terms with what I had been silencing for years.  It was something I had always put off.  It was something I wanted […]

Animatronic Hippos

And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night When we first moved here, I got a call from Ruben in Los Angeles.  He told me that he and Bridgette and little son, Gus would be coming to Disney World and asked if we could meet for a day.  Thrilled to have Patrick be introduced […]

Those Who Can, Teach. Those Who Can’t, Don’t Teach.

Mixing it up It occurred to me close to six weeks ago, like an instant flash, it was time for me to start teaching yoga.  Truly, a voice inside (and I don’t really think it was mine) strongly stated: “It’s time for you to teach. Make it happen.”  And I knew that this time it […]

Once Upon A Piece of Trash

He Introduced Himself Without an Introduction In that moment.  Close to eight and a half years ago, my Patrick met my daddy. My dad’s second funeral was held in Greenwood, Ms.  The first one was in Memphis, Tn which I have spoken about before.  Unsure if I ever mentioned the Koreans that flew in for […]

Ahhhhhh, yes, I am an Urchin

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Some might consider the act of being completely silent for a week would be miserable.  Some might even proclaim, “That’s a choice that an individual   would actually make??”  But do you know, that I have always dreamt of going to a silent retreat?  This perfect place would preferably be surrounded by rich deciduous […]

Boxes Can Only Hold So Much

More Bubble Wrap for the Once Fragile Oh,  how I adore this corner apartment with its rich character detail.   The high 20 ft ceilings, hardwood floors and skylights that had me gasping when I first came to see it three years ago.  I quickly found out through the landlord’s daughter that I was the […]


but everything we do is related She is not my sister.  However, my dad once said that she looks a lot like his other daughter outside of me.  I haven’t seen her in person in over three years.  However, this hasn’t ever stopped our communication. We do not text unless she’s sending me a picture […]