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Letting Go the Ego

There are patterns in our lives that we continue to attract.  It can either be choices we make or people that continue to show up in different areas and different times but they always are a reflection of what we haven’t yet decided to let go.

Why do we hold on with such tenderness?  And I say tenderness rather than strength because we choose to hold on to what we know with white gloves.  Making sure we do not destroy what has always been.  What we know is what keeps us safe, we think!

But there is another corner to turn.  It is lingering one step ahead of us, waiting.  Wondering when you will wake up and pivot from the steady straight and narrow.

I recently saw a quick posting from a friend who said she was attending nursing school.  I believe she did graphic arts prior.  I want to know more of her story.  However through the years, I’ve heard her say that she doesn’t know what is next…for she wasn’t happy in her current position and wanted life to change.  This was such a while back when she shared this.  I wonder what tipped her weighted down soul to see something different?

Seeing something different as you hadn’t before is the true gift.  These sights are not at a physical reach but are deep within us.  We begin to first question our own surroundings.  What a blessing this is!  Always ask questions.  Always ask questions about why you are where you are?  What patterns got you there and do they serve you well?

The changes you need to make can be a slow process.  We often try to protect ourselves with an outer cover dripped in self-importance.  Making sure how we represent ourselves to the outer world…well, let that be grand!  If it is not dazzling than why even show it?

Oh, but I’m beginning to see things differently.  I have been questioning.  I look to my piers and wonder why they put so much importance on something so inane.  Because we have been programed to do just that.

If you want to make room for more vs the continuous same, you just got to make room.  Head out.  Feet on the ground and feeling vulnerable.  I’m more than just my shell.

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