The Pig Who Sang To The Moon A Long Time Ago

But I kept hearing it

So, it’s been four months since I’ve become vegetarian.  Wait, actually, I’m Pescatarian.  I wish I could remember exactly when the trumpets sounded louder and I came to terms with what I had been silencing for years.  It was something I had always put off.  It was something I wanted to do but did not think I could ever let go of a medium rare hamburger with melted pepper jack cheese.  Not to mention the amazing meals Patrick can whip up.  His pork chops with rosemary and orange glaze has become his signature dish.

When I was around the age of 29, I casually purchased a book by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson titled, The Pig Who Sang to the Moon.  I only read one and half chapters and put it down to never pick it up again.  If my memory serves me correctly, it began with a chicken chapter.  I thought, I’ll be fine, I’ve never been attached to a chicken…and couldn’t recall ever actually meeting one.  No big whoop.  Chicken chapter was brutal!  They are quite affectionate and can recognize faces.  The second chapter was about pigs.  I knew this one may be a tad tougher but I pushed on.  I assumed that I was stronger than these typed words.  I however was not braver than the images captured in my mind.  I learned how pigs are so very intelligent.  Even more so than my family dog, Hannah.  I read how they have heart attacks before getting butchered because they know what is happening.  They understand the screams of their fellow fallen comrades. I don’t remember much after that.  I couldn’t take it all in anymore.  However, that depiction I had created of an over-fed animal scraping his hooves on a metal platform desperately trying to stop his momentum of moving forward has always stayed with me.

It stayed with me but it didn’t stop me.  And why at age 40 has it created a change?

Patrick asked me a few months ago while we were at our new favorite neighborhood Hamburger joint, Smacks.  I had finished a portobello with pepper jack and was waiting on my order of their custard for the day.  When I first told him that I had decided to try being a vegetarian his initial reaction lacked much support.  It was actually a response of “Noooooooooooooooo!”

But…Last week he made me the most amazing squash and black bean enchiladas.  I had them for three meals in a row.

“So, muffin, why become a vegetarian now?”.

I’m actually not sure.  Possibly it is because sub consciously I’m trying to make room for what I want.  I have always wanted to work with animals.  If I respect them as much as I do, why would I consume them for my own pleasure.  I don’t know in what capacity or which direction I am heading toward working with or observing wildlife but what immediate responses can I do right now?  I can create change within myself and hopefully that change will trigger other changes.

“That makes perfect sense.  Okay, let me find some recipes for you.”

Now, I just need to keep saying it out loud more.  I want to work with wildlife.  I want to handles snakes and spy on raccoons.  I want to climb into caves where bats hang upside down.  I want to watch cows graze in the sun.  I want to feel the skin of an elephant on my hand.  I want a dozen jumping goats in my path.  I want to hear the sounds of coyotes lulling me to sleep.

As a small child, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up but I am just taking a very long way to get there.  It is just never too late to keep moving towards what is in your heart.

That beat is loud.

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  1. kerry

     /  June 1, 2015

    I look forward to the day when you tell me that you’ve found your dream job, or that it has found you. The animals will be so very lucky!!

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