Of Course, We Got Here

It Has Just Been So Damn Easy

Yes, I asked the boy out after stalking him in a very timid and innocent way.  And yes, he said that he would meet me for drinks on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of 2012.  Oh…and we met at 12 South Taproom on a whim.

He kissed me after walking me to my car.  A tiny sweet kiss with a quick squeeze of my knee.

He made a point to call instead of texting.  He tells me now that getting to know me was his most important goal.

He takes me to where he was a camp counselor for 9 years on date 3.  It was after taking me to dinner at Tin Angel.  I was so nervous, I barely ate anything.  Thankfully we had picked up a jar of pickled beets after discussing our admiration for this fork stabbing perfection and ate them in the parking lot of Percy Warner Park.  We then drove 20 minutes outside of Nashville to a desolate and dark camp sprinkled with fantastic old green cabins with screened in windows and a larger building where it feeds 600 plus children in the summer months.  We held hands for the first time as he lead me through a cave only lit by his cell phone and drank water from a natural spring.

I made him pot roast in my trusty crock pot for fourth date.  We had a moment.  While we tried to navigate the tight courters of a kitchen, I look over and see him looking at me with confusion and delight.  What?  I say.  “I feel like we have done this before a million other times”.  Yes, it felt so usual…so old hat but not tattered nor frayed but soft and well worn.

We recently went back to the same camp for one of his old friend’s wedding.  Oddly and telling, the groom was named Patrick and the bride was Sarah.  Tis True.

I send him small little love note cards in the mail.  We used to say things like how much we adored each other or how wonderful the other is.  Skating each time passed the dangerous and delicate “love” word until one morning he holds me and states in a very determined and steady voice, “Sarah.  I need to tell you something.  I need for you to listen and not say anything until I’ve finished.” (I honestly thought I was about to be instructed on how I was going to help him bury a body). “Sarah, I love you for the way you protect and care for your friends. I love you for the way you take care of your animals.  Most of all the way you protect and take care of me.”  There was pause from me…only because I just wanted to revel in this moment a few seconds longer.  He looks down at his fidgeting feet that move restlessly under the covers.  “You don’t have to say anything back.  It’s okay.”

I love him dearly.  I of course told him this on that morning…after 4 and half months of being together.  But I can honestly say that I believe I loved him the very first moment he talked to me.  This was 3 months prior to our first date.  I couldn’t breathe while he talked to me about plant root congestion.  I only saw flashes of myself reading a book while he worked in a garden and dogs ran a muck.  I then felt my face turn bright red as he asked me a question and I wasn’t listening to answer.

He is kind.  He is affectionate.  He is smart and educated.  He adores being outside as much as I do.  He eats healthy.  He can build furniture.  He gently kisses me on my forehead and this warmth will sometimes bring tears to my eyes.  He and I laugh together all the time.  He told me when he saw my Bye Bye Liver show that he liked me even more because I was so confident.  Whenever I’m being terribly inappropriate and silly, he will run over and pick me up, “Please never change!  This is my favorite thing about you.  Thank you thank you thank you for being funny!”  (hint on my inappropriateness?  Barely a month of us dating, I used to…well, wait, I still do this…make two sounds anytime he did anything that delighted me.  One would sound like an explosion.   This would be of my heart.  The other would be a the sound of a soft little door opening or of a baby Pterodactyl .  (so very hard explaining this sound).  That would be my vagina opening…anytime he would do anything like talk about what books he likes reading or the type of beer he is making or that he has made me dinner.  Actually both sounds often come firing out of my mouth with rapid silliness.  Why use words when you can just use sounds?

I am so blessed to have him in my life.

I am so DAMN excited to see where this goes.  To be on this path with him.  To be making decisions together as we lead and follow and walk beside each other in our upcoming stages.

It was so easy.

I’ve always heard…when it’s right…it’s easy.

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  1. I am tickled to hear your love story Sarah! But your vagina opening?

  2. well, it sounds like you’ve reached a beautiful destination.

    love this.

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