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Within the Admin section of this WordPress blog land there lies a section called Posts.  There is then a subcategory titled, “Add New”.  Hmmmm, so demanding.  But then again how supportive, ya know?  My Admin Editor believes in my ability to add something new because life is always bringing in new.

We often transfix change with bad or difficult but anything new is also simply the act of change.

There’s plenty I could write about…my new job working at Sanctuary for Yoga, how the connections I made in four months at a random job have become such amazing and dear people in my life and how much my world has expanded because of them, how my friendship with Melissa has given me such strength in so many different areas, my communication with my sister has begun to expand, beautiful Becky has again extended an invitation for my seeing her in Thailand, and the boy and I will be driving to Memphis tomorrow so he can meet my mom.

We are taught to brace ourselves for change but too, we must be ready to leap when all that change is rolling in goodness.  We, lovely individuals that we all are…are worthy of blessings that can fall into our laps without much effort.

Ok…when…will this all happen?

It may be now.  It may be within the year.  But just be ready for the change and the ability to add with complete abandon.

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  1. Mammerenem meeting the NC! Your will have all kinds of new material! Thanks for the wonderful words!!!

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